Classic Headshell Available.

The name says it all! Blades Amplifications Firebolt!

Custom Amp Options

Our original Collection Killer!

Capturing all of the class tones in one package from brownsound to beyond!

The Firebolt will satisfy even the most discriminating amp connoisseur with dynamic juicy overdrive!

Tones from clean to mean, You'll always find a creative tone to suit your mood.

This amp excels in anything from blues, rock, and even classic metal!

best Known for that famous brown sound!

The Firebolt is the ultimate players amp and very dynamic and versatile!

Our first design and world favorite!

Available in 20, 50 & 100 Watt Versions

Firebolt Amplifier Head

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-Baltic Birch Cabinetry

-Aircraft Aluminum Chassis

-USA Custom Transformers

-Turret Board Handwired Construction

-Ceramic Tube Sockets

-Heavy Duty Components and Wiring

-Effects Loop

-Rear Mounted Attenuator

Made to Last, Built to Blast.

Traditional Style Available.