After dealing with the shady, greedy amp builders, I had an amp stolen.   It was an unfortunate thing but in the process of disappointment, I found an inner voice telling me it was supposed to happen. 

    It was for this purpose. To learn how to live in the now and be positive about everything !

I experienced so much hate and drama for speaking up to try to get my property ,it sparked something inside.     I couldn't fight for my amp legally because it was a civil matter and to take them to court would have been more than what I lost.   A 1974 Marshall Superlead... So..
    After failed attempts I started studying. I learned and learned and then learned more. I studied my ass off and made every mistake in the book. I never gave up and through all the pain , struggle , heart ache , blood sweat ,tears and threats.. Blades Custom Amplification was born ! 
     I erased greed and ego from the equation , So rampant in this field.  . I'm for the Everyday guitarist who loves tone and wants to enjoy something that was previously only reserved for Rock$tars

    From Legendary Producers to Experienced Rockers are Experiencing the Force contained in the Blades Amp line.  Our friends (Blades Wreckin'Crew) are Connoisseurs of tone as well as fine Amplification & Rocking on stage and in the studio. They have owned just about EVERY amp known to Man & Sold them after owning a Blades, hence the nickname "The Collection Killer".

Come join in on the FUN !   Blades Delivers the tones you've been searching for in a Rock Solid Handwired Package built to last and Made to Blast !  Not only bringing Ultimate Respect to the trade  , but to Guitarists as well !  At Blades , we view you as a Passionate Artist rather than a Dollar.

You turn other amps on , but a Blades will turn YOU on!

The Story Of Blades Amplification

Made to Last, Built to Blast.